Hotsmoked Bacon GB style
Tried GB’s recepie for homemade bacon and I must say it was really good.
Recommend everyone to smoke their own bacon coz you can’t compare it with store-bought bacon.

The curing process;
1 cup course seasalt
1 cup sugar (white/brown)
1 teaspoon nitrite salt
Mix it all together and apply on the porkbelly.
Vacuum and put in a fridge for a week. Turn the pack every day. (once every 24 hrs)
After 7 days rinse off meat and soak in water for a minimum of an hour, 4 or 5 hours is better. Dry meat off and put on a rack in the fridge uncovered for a few hours.
Smoke at 200°F-225°F until meat is around 155°F and golden brown. I used chunks of hickory. 
Cool down the bacon immediately by running under cold water. Dry the bacon off, bag it and place in fridge until the next day. 
Cut to desired thickness and cook.
Please check Green Bastards YT-channel;

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