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På forumet kamadoguru.com har eieren av Kamado Joe, Bobby Brennan, spurt hva brukerne ønsker seg av nytt utstyr og endringer på fremtidige modeller.

Syntes helt klart det er positivt at en produsent går ut til brukerne på denne måten. Et eksempel til etterfølgelse for de andre produsentene.

Som jeg har postet her tidligere jobber de med en ny topp-ventil. Men som dere kan lese her er det mer spennende på gang. Bedre pakning, nye hengsler, holder til kull osv... Noe av dette vil sikkert ikke se dagens lys, men de jobber tydeligvis kontinuerlig for å forbedre produktene sine.

All, thanks again  for all the suggestions on what we can do better or what feature improvements that you would like to see.  All in all I counted 41 different suggestions.  18 of these were only mentioned one time but there were many that were repeated over and over.  Here are the top 10.  


1) Top Vent - 26 mentions

We will be shipping all 2016 grills starting in November with a new top vent.  Will post pictures. Pricing in 2016 will be the same and we will do something for existing users that will allow them to upgrade.  We know that the grills on your decks sell more grills so we have every incentive to make sure your grills are functioning well and looking their best.


2) Built In Bottom Shelf - 14

This one surprised me a little.  I did not think it would be so high on the list.  We have developed several options but I am not in love with any of them.  More work to do.  We will make this available as an accessory for next year.  We can't keep the pricing the same if we include it as an Add On.


3) Charcoal Basket - 10

This option has been developed.  We will probably introduce a half moon version as well as a fully round version for 2016......for both Classic and Big.


4) KJ Website Store - 7

Very excited to add a merchandise store to our website in the next few months.  Our ad agency has come up with some great t-shirt designs and some innovative twists to things like koozies and bottle openers.  Branding is a huge priority for us in 2016.  I'm sure John will get creative on facebook with the give-a-ways.


5) Fire Box - 7

This is an interesting one.  Short story.  My wife bought me an expensive expresso maker a while ago.  We had been using a cheap coffee maker and she noticed that everytime we went out to dinner I would order an expresso.  She paid $1000 for the machine and it broke after several months.  It is a great brand and purchased at Williams Sonoma so the unit was fixed quickly and at no charge.  Despite the fact that the customer service was impecable I was still left with some doubt about the quality of the product.  It also got me thinking about our own fire box breakage.  It is simply unacceptabe to have a customer buy a $1000 Kamado Joe and for his or her Fire Box to break.  While I understand that it is an industry problem I am convinced that we can and will solve this issue.  We have a few alternative designs that we are working on that I intend to share with you so as to get your feedback.  This issue is at the top of my list.  We want to make a fire box that is not breakable.


6) Gasket - 7

I have given my engineering team the challenge of being the first company to offer lifetime warranty on a gasket.  This is not rocket science.  There are high temp grades of silicone out there that are already approved for usage around food.  The challenge is to perfect the shape and the softness (compressability - is that a word??) so that you get a tight seal.   This forum does not represent normal users.  A normal backyard griller is never going to replace his or her gasket.  We sell way more grills than we do replacement gaskets.  We don't want the performance of our product deteriorating over time because a customer does not want to change the gasket.  Why not provide a gasket that lasts a lifetime.  Seriously.......this is not a tough challenge. 


7) Heat resistant Side Shelf Options - 6

Don't have anything in the works here right now.  Appreciate the feedback.  We will develop some options.


8) Charcoal Grate - 5

I'm not a huge fan of the various grates that allow for more air flow.  Bad things happen to gaskets and fire boxes when temps get above 1000F.  Our testing also shows that grills get hotter when you use a charcoal grate that provides less resistance to the air flow.  Temperature control also changes a little.  We are still evaluating.  We are considering an option to increase the size of the holes in our grate 20% to 30% as well.  If we make a decision to change our gasket and fire box for 2016 this may be an option.


9) Bottom Vent - 5

Will beef up our bottom vent and make it slightly thicker.


10) Hinge Assembly on Big Joe - 4

We want to improve our Big Joe hinge.  We have had two customers injure themselves because the lid fell unexpectedly.  We have two parallel design paths.  Our internal engineering team is working on a redesign and separetly we have a company in New York developing a counter balanced option.  The counter balanced option will potentially allow the dome to open and close by itself within certain opening angles and still provide the closing pressure we need to create a perfect seal.  Will be reviewing this design next week.  We need to make our grills more female friendly and we need to solve this issue if we decide to make a Jumbo grill..........32" or even 36".


Thanks again for your candid feedback.  I sincerely appreciate it.  Your insights are invaluable to our continuous improvement efforts.


Pictures will follow.



 Hele tråden finner dere forøvrig her:


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Noken som har ervervet og erfaringer med den nye modellen?

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Den 20.12.2017 at 0.23 skrev tellirg:

Noken som har ervervet og erfaringer med den nye modellen?

Lite respons og laber aktivitet her på forumet om dagen, så svarer meg sjøl: 

Du vil snart finne det ut :D






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4 timer siden skrev ReneR:

Trur ikke det er noen som har den nye enda. så du er nok den føste.

og det meste skjer på facebook nå. 



Det kan være, regnet med fleire av den harde kjerne hadde "sett lyset" :D

Synd med forumet, for egen del liker eg forum formatet bedre enn FB m.t.p søkbarhet, etc.

Skal prøve å bidra meir på forumet ihvertfall :)

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Da har det blitt en 8-10 grill økter siden eg fikk grillen for en god uke siden, og er knall fornøgd så langt :D

Oppgraderingene fungerer godt, Meget anvendelig og lett grill å bruke. 


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Ja, en i utgangspunktet god grill har bare blitt bedre.

Helt klart min favoritt blant kamadoene.

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